About Enigma Business Networking

Enigma is a successful business breakfast networking group where members and guests are treated with consideration and respect. We have a 7 year operational history and are committed to retaining our popular identity as the most friendly, vibrant and yet business focused lock out networking group.

We work together to assist in growing our respective businesses and, where we can, direct business opportunities to each other.

We accept that it is important to understand each of our member’s businesses in order that we can promote and refer people we know to them. This is all based on understanding and trust.

It is also important to understand that Enigma is a non-profit making organization, all generated funds will be used by Enigma for the benefit of Enigma as a whole.

It is our objective to organize subsidised professional training sessions that provide value to our members.

Here at Enigma we promote the principle that ‘you will give business to people you feel comfortable and confident with’.

To help facilitate this we promote regular member to member meetings and actively encourage members to network with other business or social groups.

Our regular meetings include a period of general interactive networking over coffee, tea and breakfast. This is followed by a slightly more formal meeting during which delegates (members and visitors) are invited to deliver a short presentation of, who they are, what they do, and how the group can help them do better. We also have 2 further presentation spots, a ‘Revenue call’ and other items that vary from week to week.

To better see how our time together is spent come along at our one-off visitor rate of £10 and see for yourself how you and your business would benefit. Ideally, click How to Visit or Join at the head of any of our web pages.