1. Introduction and General Operation 
Enigma Business Networking is a networking group providing a forum for members and visitors to meet, exchange views, become acquainted and ultimately gain trust between one other. Trust is seen as the main ingredient required before business referrals take place. 
Enigma Business Networking is a membership that operates under this constitution. 
Management Team are responsible with ensuring that all membership monies are invoiced and collected by the members. 
Groups meet on a weekly basis for a scripted meeting generally lasting from 0645 to 0830. Participants are invited to present a Uin40 pitch to promote themselves and also to offer business referrals when able to do so. There is a revenue call where members say ‘thank you for the business’ and the level of business is recorded and presented to the group each week in a monthly summary. There is also a 4 minute and 8 minute presentation by a selected member to the assembled group. 
All groups must appoint a Chairman, Membership Manager and Finance Manager to form a minimal Management Team. 
Enigma Networking is dependent on promoting itself to prospects to both maintain its membership and to grow. All prospects are asked to visit the group at least once before considering an application to join. Prospects must submit a membership application for a single business category. Each group will be ultimately responsible for choosing its membership and categories. Upon successful admission to the group the member will ‘lockout’ all other applications and representations under their assigned category. 
2. Enigma Active Membership 
The group is only as strong as its constituent members and so its success is reliant on active membership participation and support. Members must play an active part in the group by attending meetings, sending subs whenever this is not possible, and otherwise integrating with their group. 
The following points outline what is expected of an ‘active’ member within any Enigma group. 
We ask that you let the chair or membership coordinator know of your absence prior to any meeting and send a sub to maintain your business presence in the room. We would expect an “Active” member to have a meeting attendance of at least 75% (inclusive of Subs). This may be reviewed from time to time by the management team of the group. 
Attendance of less than 75% in any 3-month period will prompt a discussion with the member and the management team. If attendance continues to be of concern or falls below 50% in the following 6-month period, then membership of the group will be reviewed, and the member may be asked to leave if it is determined that continued membership will not be of benefit to the individual or the group. In this scenario membership fees will not be refunded. 
Uin40 Presentations 
These presentations are a section in our meetings where members are offered around 40 seconds to tell the group what they do and what they are looking for from the group. It is very important and beneficial that members are specific in their requests and have some consistency in these presentations. Poor quality or lack of participation in Uin40 presentations will contribute to an inactive membership. 
As a small incentive there is a weekly best of Uin40 trophy awarded each week. The winner of the previous week judges this award. 
New members undertake a mentoring process to be informed how the group functions and the basic principles of Business Networking. All members should continually mentor each other, however new members are allocated a specific mentor/training expert who is generally appointed by the Mentoring Manager (appointed by the group committee). This will usually be an experienced member of the group with networking and training expertise. One or more specific mentoring 1 to 1 meetings will be held to complete the new members introduction to the group. 
Name Badge 
Members will be given an Enigma membership badge which will easily identify them to new or unfamiliar members. These badges are part of initial membership, but replacements may be charged at cost. A small part of an active membership will include wearing this badge during meetings. 
Members are also provided with a business card wallet. 
Website Listing 
Member details are published in the Enigma website. After registration it is the responsibility of an active member to inform the Group Membership Manager of any changes. 
Membership and Meeting fees 
Members pay an annual membership fee of £99 and a monthly meeting fee of £57, which is payable by standing order. Active members will ensure that these payments are made promptly and that no complications arise due to ‘lack of funds’ etc. Where necessary cash payments should be volunteered to avoid serious arrears. 
Group members are responsible for inviting guests to their meetings with a view to expanding the Group’s membership so increasing its popularity and ability to refer business. Active members should continually identify and invite visitors in accordance with available categories. Where business categories overlap some guidance from the membership manager should be sought. 
Visitors pay a meeting fee to the Membership manager or official delegate on the day of the meeting, a receipt will be given. 
Enigma believe that ‘You will give business to those you know and feel confident with’. To this end active Enigma members will want to socialise with other members to gain confidence and trust toward, perhaps, the position of being able to refer. Training and social events help to provide a forum for members to further get to know each other and are encouraged to support the groups events. 
Whilst Enigma does not monitor referrals it is the most important part of our meetings, as a business referral networking group. Active members will refer other members at every appropriate opportunity and will follow up when referrals are made to them. They will keep the referrer informed too. 
Business cards 
A box containing members business cards is circulated around the group meeting each week. It is the active members responsibility to maintain their supply of business cards in this box. 
Revenue Call 
This is an important part of the Enigma meeting. Communicating the value of business passed in the room and ensuring that each member is benefiting financially from the group is a key part of what Enigma is all about. Each week members are asked to submit the number and value of invoices from referrals, both directly and indirectly from members. It is the active members responsibility to ensure that all relevant revenue is submitted correctly. 
Enigma will meet each week and it is the responsibility of active members to attend all meetings or send a sub when they cannot attend in person. Enigma has a break over Christmas, these dates are notified in advance. 
Weekly meetings start at 0645 and finish by 0830. Active members are expected to arrive on time and be present for the whole meeting and network with other members and visitors as required after the meeting finishes. It is appreciated that this is not always possible due to diary commitments – however active members should be giving the meeting a priority in their diary. 
4 min Presentation 
These presentations are intended for new members to introduce themselves personally to the group and should detail the members background, hobbies, interests, family, etc. These presentations slots are also used for business support, if a member would like advice on an area of their business that they are struggling with, the members will provide advice. 
8 min Presentation 
These presentations are intended for members to present a specific part of their business to the group. They are intended to help educate the group and provide some further insight into the members business and professional capabilities. This is a good time also to describe what is a good referral for the member. Although not mandatory these presentations can be somewhat key in an active members development within the group. Help is provided through mentoring to prepare for these presentations. 
M2M Meetings 
Member to Member (M2M) meetings are key to good members relations and building that all important trust toward being able to offer a referral. These meetings are sometimes referred to as 1-to-1 or 121 meetings. Active members should maintain regular M2M meetings especially with newer members. These are possibly the most important times spent with other members. 
3. Disputes and issues 
When referrals have resulted in business and that business has not been delivered in a satisfactory manner, members should attempt to resolve the issue directly with the member concerned. When this approach fails the matter should be referred to the Chairperson who may involve the group management committee to help. 
If issues with the conduct of another member during a meeting or issues concerning the attendance of a visitor to the group (including blocking them from joining due to clash or previous poor experience) then members must communicate with the Membership manager of the group. 
4. Guarantee 
New members are offered a guarantee that if, after the first after twelve months membership, if they have not invoiced business to the value of their joining membership fee then Enigma Networking then will not be charged for their first annual membership fee. The Management Team will judge if a given member has been active or not. 
By providing regular revenue call information as requested, the Chair can be aware of members who may wish to call upon this guarantee. With the help of the management team and other group members, Enigma will do all it can to prevent this situation arising by helping the member develop business from the group. 
5. Renewals 
New members are offered a guarantee that if, after the first after twelve months membership, if they have not invoiced business to the value of their joining membership fee then Enigma Networking then will not be charged for their first annual membership fee. The Management Team will judge if a given member has been active or not. 
By providing regular revenue call information as requested, the Chair can be aware of members who may wish to call upon this guarantee. With the help of the management team and other group members, Enigma will do all it can to prevent this situation arising by helping the member develop business from the group. 
6. Duties of Groups and its Officers 
Group Management Team 
The Group Management Team has a mandate from its members to manage the Group’s affairs and finances in the best possible way and for the benefit of the group, ensuring that at no time will the Group’s bank account become overdrawn. 
No Enigma Group Management has authority to encumber the Group by any sum greater than the credit balance in the Group’s Bank account. No overdraft is authorised. 
It is resolved and agreed by the current members of the Group that the Management Team is authorised to run the Group and its finances, and this authority will continue for 12 months from March 2018 or until the Group determines that there should be a change in personnel. 
Group Chairperson 
This is a key role in the Enigma group, the job is to motivate and energise group members at meetings and to update the members on any local initiatives. The Chairperson is responsible for ensuring that meetings run smoothly and in a timely manner. Group decisions are made by the chairperson, in conjunction with the Management Team including meeting cancellations, meeting script changes, specific visitor day events, and all member related matters. This role requires leadership, organisation, strength of character, and attention to detail attributes. 
The chairperson will manage and delegate all tasks leading to the efficient running of the Group and its meetings. To this end additional roles may be identified. These tasks will include completion and submission of the meeting register in respect of visitors and members, issuing of visitor meeting fee receipts, etc. 
The Group Management Team should maintain communications and meet regularly to ensure any inter group issues can be discussed. The chairperson will attempt to identify inactive members in a group. These members will be offered appropriate help as required, which could be personal or business help as it is important that all members achieve some success from attending the group. These members may, for instance, be offered another 8 min presentation to help kick start interest in their services and products. 
The Chairperson manages hotel/venue numbers for breakfast etc. and will be the contact for the Hotel/venue staff in any concerns regarding quality of breakfast, outstanding invoices, etc. 
The Chairperson will lead the clear majority of group meetings however these may be delegated occasionally. 
Group Finance Manager 
This role deals with all money issues – any visitor who is not a sub will need to pay a meeting fee for the privilege of attending the meeting. The Finance manager will deposit money into the Enigma bank account or hand all payments to group personnel for deposit. They are also responsible in ensuring that the group finances are up to date within the accounting software. If members fees are overdue, these should be chased and the Group Chairperson should be advised. 
Enigma Groups collect and collate completed referral business which is summarised and presented by the Finance Manager at the start of each month. These figures help to produce a business referred value which helps promote the group to visitors. 
They will maintain a spreadsheet of allocated points for bringing unique visitors to the group for which the member will gain 20 points. When a visitor joins the group a further 60 points are awarded. When a member’s points reach 100 a prize (typically wine, etc) is awarded and the members accumulator is reduced by 100 points. However, a continual total of points is kept and when a member achieves 750, their net annual membership will be free. 
Group Membership Manager 
This role is responsible for all issues relating to group membership – new applications are reviewed and responded to within 4 days. Any potential business crossovers/clashes will be discussed prior to the visit. The Membership Manager will present the joining procedure whenever visitors are in the room. They will help answer any questions with regards to membership, identify any conflicts of business activity and will discuss with each party how this may be resolved satisfactorily for all. 
Other Group Roles 
The Chairperson may appoint additional roles to efficiently spread the task of running the group. Some of these currently operational in some groups are as follows. 
Mentor Manager – This role is to assist with the induction of new members into the group. They manage the introduction of new members to candidate mentors. The role should also monitor the progress of mentoring and announce when they are complete. Mentoring notes should be available and maintained by the Mentor Manager. 
Social & Training Manager - This role will set up regular social activities and localised training support. They should ask their members what would be of interest. These are arranged for members of the group. It is very important for Enigma groups to encourage and take part in these social activities as the interaction is a great means to build M2M relationships and ultimately generate more business. 
Room Preparation - A member may be asked to look after this activity however all members should really help with this responsibility. Usually the first to arrive will put out pens, pads etc. and at the close of our meeting collect everything back in. 
7. Resignation 
Role Resignation 
When members feel unable to continue an assigned role in Enigma but wish to remain in the group they should notify the Chairperson who will arrange a suitable replacement. If a member of the management team wishes to resign a 30-day notice is preferable. If the Chairperson decides to step down the notice period required is 3 months in order to find a successor. 
Membership Resignation 
Members wishing to leave the group should advise the Group Chairperson ideally 10 days in advance of their last attendance. In this scenario there are no membership or meeting fee refunds. 
8. Current Fees 
Enigma membership fees are £99 paid annually by members. 
Enigma meeting fees are £57 paid monthly by standing order. 
9. Group Finances 
Enigma is a non-profit making organisation and all funds raised by the group will be used for the benefit of the group. 
The annual membership fees will be used for administration, advertising, website, promotional items, membership benefits and any other payments that benefit the group. 
The monthly meeting fees will be used for the cost of the meeting including any room hire and breakfast costs, they will also be used for social events and any external trainers. 
It is the responsibility of the Finance Manager to ensure that the moneys are separated within the annual accounts. 
10. Group Closure 
If the group members fall below 6 or 75% of members which the group to be dissolved, members will be provided with a pro rata refund on their annual membership fees, which will be taken from the group membership funds. 
Any remaining monies, after any wind up costs, as agreed by the Management Team will be donated to charity, chosen by consensus of the members. 
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