Group Chair James Lodge ( 
Beds Tues Chair James Dean 07798 894948 
MK Weds Chair Trevor McCarthy-White 07753 742623 
MK Fri Chair Yvonne Taylor 07931 585926 
NN Thur Chair Mark Rolfe 07973 685134 
NN Weds Chair Julie Kennedy 07942 887185 


Where we meet (click venue) 
How you can visit? 
Cost involved 
Where do I park? 
Free direct parking outside the venues  
What do I need to bring? 
You will need £15.00 for the visitor breakfast, at least 30 business cards and a short script (just 40 seconds) on what you and your company can offer. 
Ideally, you will come with an optimistic attitude and fresh ideas to business - this is how Enigma has flourished in the current economic downturn.  
Enigma Breakfast Networking
Who will meet me? 
At Enigma all our members are very attentive and will welcome you. 
We will greet you at the door and show you where you can sit, once you have dispensed with your bag, coat etc. we will then introduce you to some of our members. So, there is no need to feel alone! We have all been there and appreciate the courage it takes some to walk into a room full of strangers. We therefore make the extra effort to make you feel welcome. 
Enigma Networking Milton Keynes
No pressure - you can repeat visit as a guest - 
Joining procedure is easy. 
As a member we would ask that you attend each meeting and keep your ears open for any opportunities for your fellow members. Of course things happen in life and there will be occasions you are unable to attend – Family issues – work – holidays – sickness etc. This is no problem at all as your presence is not mandatory but, it would be beneficial to you to ask someone to take your place if you are unable to attend, if you have no one in mind you can ask the members as we have a list of people that may help you! 
Each seat has a value of just over £14000 – so what does this mean? Well we measure the amount of business our members achieve. We do this by asking every other week what has been invoiced by our members directly because of Enigma. This figure is accumulated and divided by our current members to achieve a seat value. 
Joining Enigma couldn’t be simpler. FOLLOW THIS LINK >> 
To join the Enigma group we would suggest a visit - you can do this by simply contacting the chair of the group you wish to consider or if you are unsure or would like advice you can contact the group chairman: 
We would encourage any new business to complete an application for consideration by our committee. You can request an application form during your first visit by speaking with the Membership Secretary or other member. You can also complete one on-line here. 
Please note: We only offer one seat per trade to prevent crossover. You can visit the members in each group to identify if your business category would clash with an existing member. If you are unsure pleas contact the Membership Manager of the group concerned..  
The annual membership fee is £82.50 plus VAT  
Your breakfast is a standing order at £57.00 per month including VAT 
As a full member of either group you will: 
Block any identical trades from joining that group. 
Have your business included on this website with a full feature. 
Benefit from subsidised quality training several times a year. 
Be invited to all of our social events. 
Be provided with your own personalised badge. 
Have the opportunity to make spotlight presentations concerning your business. 
We are so confident that Enigma will be great for your business that if you don’t invoice the equivalent joining fee value from work generated by Enigma (and you have regularly attended) in your first six months we will pay you double your joining fee 
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