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Group Chair James Lodge (james@wowmugs.com) 
Beds Tues Chair Dave Holland 07971 621601 
MK Weds Chair Trevor McCarthy-White 07753 742623 
MK Fri Chair Andy Setterfield 07703 117443 
NN Thur Chair Mark Rolfe 07973 685134 
NN Weds Chair Julie Kennedy 07942 887185 

Once you have applled and been accepted as a member, you are required to accept our T&C's - scroll to bottom to complete the simple form. 

Introduction and Key Roles 
Enigma Business Networking is a business networking group setup to provide a forum in which members and visitors may meet, exchange views, become acquainted and ultimately gain trust between each other. Trust is seen as the main ingredient required before business referrals take place. 
Prospects are asked to visit the group at least once before considering an application to join. Prospects must submit an application for a single business category. Upon successful admission to the group the member will ‘lockout’ all other applications and representations under their assigned category. 
The group meets weekly for a scripted meeting generally lasting from 0645 to 0830. Participants are invited to present a Uin40 pitch to promote themselves and also to offer business referrals when able to do so. There is a revenue call where members say ‘thank you for the business’ and the level of business is recorded. 
The group is managed by a Chairman and a management committee consisting of the Membership Manager, Finance Manager, and Social/Events Manager. There are a few other roles that help distribute tasks amongst the group. 
1. Enigma Active Membership 
The group is only as strong as its constituent members and so its success is reliant on active membership participation and support. 
2. As a new member to Enigma we want you to play an active part in your group and maximise the networking benefits it will bring to you. The following key points outline what is expected of an “Active” member within any Enigma group. We are a progressive team that helps promote your business. 
3. Attendance: You may not be able to attend all of our meetings or functions. All we ask is that you let the chair or membership coordinator know of your absence prior to any meeting and send a sub in your place to maintain your business presence in the room. We would expect an “Active” member to have a meeting attendance of at least 75% (inclusive of Subs). This may be reviewed from time to time by the management team of the group. 
4. Attendance which is less than 75% will prompt a discussion with you and the management team. If attendance continues to be a concern or falls below 50% over a six month period then your ongoing membership of the group will be reviewed again as it will be unlikely that you, or the group, will be benefiting from your limited attendance and as such your management team may decide to ask you to leave the group without refund of membership fees. 
5. Uin40: This is a moment in our meetings where you will be offered 40 seconds (or such time as is appropriate), to tell your group what you do and what you are looking for from the group. It is very important and beneficial to you that you have some consistency in your 40 seconds – you should be clear, concise and specific and you should create the need for people to interact with you and/or your business. You may choose to include some humour or rhyme. An object or prop might assist your 40 seconds being remembered for the weeks that follow. More details on effective Uin40 can be gained from the group’s mentor/training expert, so please ask if you need help. 
6. If you are selected as delivering the best Uin40 of the day you will be presented with a trophy for the week – take it home or to the office and display it with pride but please do not lose it or forget it for the following week as you will be asked to present it the following week. You are responsible for its safe return! 
7. Mentor: Each group has a mentor/training expert appointed. This will usually be an experienced member of your group with networking and training expertise. The Group will explain our mentoring programme – these are designed to help you to maximize your benefits from Enigma networking and beyond. These can involve 1to1 sessions or they may be run as short group sessions, post a normal networking meeting. This is not compulsory and it will depend on your own experience of networking. We are there to help should you want it. 
Name Badge: You will be asked to provide details for a name badge shortly after you join. These are printed every three months or so. The name badges will set out your name and business. Note: we will charge £5.00 for a duplicate badge. As a member you will also be provided with a business card wallet, pen and a lapel badge so you can keep your group member details handy and promote Enigma during you normal working day. These will all help with gaining referrals and visitors which are important to the group. 
Web Entry: We have an active website and it is in your interest to have information of your business contained on your group page. Please do not delay when asked to provide information to our web design team which should happen within 2/4weeks of you becoming a member and having your DD set up. 
8. We gain huge traffic via the website and should you not have a presence you will definitely be missing out on traffic to your own site and potential business, so it’s in your best interest to make this a priority. If you are not sure what detail you wish to add to the site then don’t panic. The Chair or Membership manager of your group will submit your business card to our web team who will put an interim advert on your group site until you can forward on the subsequent detailed information on your business. The Enigma website is a fantastic way to improve your own website’s Google search rankings and its part of your membership so use this valuable asset as a marketing tool for your business. 
Note: Our web master will ask just once for your business details it is the members responsibility to issue these details and pass to our web master. 
9. Payments: You will have been made aware of the annual membership fee, which currently is £82.50 + vat and the monthly breakfast fee is currently £57.00 including vat, both of which will be collected via direct debit mandate. A “Gocardless” link will be emailed to you as soon as your membership has been approved by the management team. 
10. The DD mandate can take up to 2 weeks for your bank to accept and clear so until this has happened then please pay breakfast fees in cash/by cheque at each meeting to the group’s finance manager. 
If there is a problem setting up a DDM on your account we will, in certain exceptional cases, accept payment for annual and breakfast fees by cheques. The cheque for the annual membership fee should accompany your membership application. Please speak to the Membership Manager. 
11. Emails: We use a group email system in order to ensure that all local group and central messages can be easily and quickly sent to all group members. We will therefore request details of your prime email address to do this. This will take place, as per the website detail requests, within 2/3weeks of your application being approved. Should you change your email be sure to inform our systems or you may fail to receive important information and offers from the group. 
12. There are specific email groups for each Enigma group so it is usual that a member is only able to contact his own local group. Please do not use this facility to send sales information or jokes etc,! 
Visitors: Each Group is responsible for inviting Guests to their meetings, with a view to expanding the Group’s membership and offering opportunities to members to integrate their businesses and secure referrals from those visiting. Guests should be invited from business areas which are not the existing members’ dominant area of business/work. This enables the Guest to be considered for membership and avoids conflict with existing members. The Guest should not be promoting an area of business which is indirect conflict with that carried on by an existing member as their dominant area of work. 
The Guest should be warmly greeted and introduced to as many members as possible before the meeting starts. The meeting format and brief agenda should be outlined to the Guest and they should be advised of the opportunity they have to promote themselves and their business during a 40 second slot during the meeting. They should be advised of this, if possible, before the meeting. 
During the meeting, or at the end of the meeting, the Guest should be told how they can submit a membership application on line and will be informed of the fees for joining. Any questions raised by the Guest should be answered appropriately by a member or a member of the Management Team. 
Each Guest is obliged to pay a breakfast fee, as at October 2015: £15.00 unless they are subbing or they have a £10.00 voucher. This covers their breakfast fee. This fee should be collected by the Finance Manager or somebody in his place, but certainly one of the Membership Team. 
There should be a follow up email by the sponsor of the Guest to establish whether they enjoyed the meeting and whether they would be interested in joining and obtaining where possible, any feedback. 
13. Events: Enigma believe that a huge amount of business will be passed when you understand each other’s businesses and we would therefore promote the fact that social activity will aid your business, so where you can try to mix with others – attend social meetings and events. 
14. Referrals: Whilst Enigma does not monitor your referrals it is the most important part of our sessions, we are after all attending to earn money. Should you have a referral for a member please offer as much detail as you are able. It is also often beneficial to advise how a referral was obtained as this will often help other members identify referral opportunities for members. Follow up on referrals to ensure they are progressed and concluded – remember all referrals given reflect you and so you should ensure members follow through. 
15. Should you receive a referral then please treat this as a huge bonus and follow up as a priority – never disregard this important lead – always follow up quickly and keep the member who passed it fully updated. 
16. Business cards: A box containing the business cards of the members within the Group will be circulated to the group at each week’s meeting. It is your responsibility to maintain the stock of your cards. 
17. Revenue Call: This is an important part of the Enigma meetings. Understanding the value of each seat in the room and ensuring that each member is benefiting financially from the group is a key part of what Enigma is all about. 
18. At the end of each month/quarter you will be asked to offer an amount that you have invoiced from referrals, directly and indirectly, from members. This can be members, visitors, past members or someone recommended outside the group. Any invoice/payment which was as a direct response from your involvement with your Enigma group should be included. It is sometime difficult to quantify but as a rule it’s the full invoice amount less the VAT. 
19. It is our aim to ensure that every member generates business from Enigma so this element of being an Active membership is very important and we would ask that you respond as soon as possible when this information is requested by your finance manager. 
20. You may also be asked by your group management team to supply the name of the member who made the referral. That way the group can see who is working hard for the benefit of the group and not just “hunting” the room for their own business needs alone. This helps us protect all members’ interests. 
21. Meetings: Enigma will normally meet each week. However, when there is a bank holiday in the week, we often decide to miss that particular week’s meeting as we recognise that many people are trying to catch up with the four day week or away on holiday. Your Chair will advise if this is to be adopted. Christmas is a period we all could do with more time so usually Enigma ends in early December, the first or second week, returning the first full working week in January. Your Chair will advise you of the specific dates of year end and New Year start. 
22. Timekeeping: We start our meeting at 7.00am – we generally arrive 10/15 minutes early to network. At 7.00am breakfast is served and the meeting starts shortly after. The meeting should conclude no later than 8.45am. The earlier you arrive the more you will benefit from informal networking with other members. You don’t need to rush away either! At all our venues you can stay behind and continue networking or carry out more in depth member to member (M2M) meetings. 
23. Spotlight and Pre spotlight sessions: Once you have joined Enigma you will be offered a 4 minute pre-spotlight session. This pre-spotlight session is a presentation to the group about you and your background. It is for you to share with the group your working history, your current business, your family and your hobbies and interests outside work. Effective networking is about building relationships with the group and this session is a great opportunity to build relationships with the group, many of whom will may share common interests and history with you. 
24. This will be followed a few weeks later by a full spotlight session which will be an eight minute slot, where you will have the opportunity to share with the group more detail about your business; your goals, specific services you offer, your unique selling points and what referrals are good for you and how we can find them. We aim to give each member a spotlight session at least twice a year so your preparation is very important. These sessions are not mandatory so if you feel uncomfortable delivering you can elect to postpone or ask someone to present for/with you. You may want some help in preparing the presentation. 
25. It is often the practice, as dictated by the chair, that as our groups grow, that we drop the four minute pre spotlight session and run two six minute spotlight sessions each week in order that each member gets the opportunity to talk about their business more often. 
26. Network tips: You will be asked from time to time to offer a network tip, this should be presentation for no more than 5 minutes and the subject matter will be provided from a list. It is your responsibility to offer a clear and precise response to the networking question provided. There is no set format but a little thought and perhaps some research in order to make your delivery worthwhile and noted is expected. 
27. M2M Meetings: Member to Member (M2M) are a key cornerstone of effective networking and we strongly encourage you to carry out regular M2Ms with group members. These meetings allow you to fully appreciate what your fellow member does, their ethos for business and how you may be able to help each other going forward. The format is quite informal and would usually last an hour or so. Each member will take in turn to present their business after which you can discuss contacts and opportunities. During the referral section of the meetings you should tell the members of the M2M meeting you had that week and how helpful they were. 
28. To keep you on your toes, the chair may ask you to switch your Uin40 the following week to that of the member with whom you conducted the M2M meeting with as you should have both gained knowledge from the experience – please do not simply read out text from a web site or leaflet! If you can, present from memory what you have discovered from your meeting. 
29. Disputes and issues: In the first case should you encounter a problem with the goods and services provided by another member you should try to resolve the situation with the member directly. You should only raise this with the chair of your group where you have failed to resolve the dispute/issue through conversation with the member concerned. In extreme cases the chair may ask for assistance to resolve the matter with the wider Enigma management team, particularly where he/she feels an individual could put the good name of Enigma networking at risk. 
30. Should you have issues with the conduct of another member during a meeting or have concerns about the attendance of a visitor to the group (including blocking them from joining due to clash or previous poor experience) then you must talk with the Membership manager in your group. 
31. Guarantee: At the discretion of your chair, a one-off payment of £200.00, including VAT, (or double your joining fee you paid) will be paid to any member who has been an active member and contributed to their group (as evidenced by a number of the activities above) but has been unsuccessful in invoicing any business at all. 
32. This payment will not exclude the member from retaining their presence at the Enigma group. This will be a one off payment only. The request will be from the Chair on behalf of the group and payment will be made within 4 weeks of the request from the group chair. 
33. By providing regular revenue call information as requested, the Chair should be aware of possible members who may wish to call upon this guarantee. With the help of the management team and the group members, we will do all we can to prevent this by helping the member develop business from the group. E.g Help with Uin40, additional 6/8 minute slot, four minute slot, focused group help with introductions. Whilst the Enigma guarantee will be paid we would prefer that you secured business from referrals in the room as a call on the guarantee reflects poorly on the group. 
34. Renewals: Four weeks prior to the anniversary of membership you will be asked for a payment of £82.50 plus VAT (£99.00). A list of Invoices should be offered to the Chair to hand out and discuss membership. 
35. Other Enigma Groups: We agree that in some circumstances membership with other Enigma groups may be offered. This will not be available to groups within the same location / town. The application must be made to the accepting group and the chair will have the right to decide whether to accept your application. It is our experience that membership of more than one group is short lived unless the member is extremely proactive and/or splits business and home circles in different locations. 
36. Group Switch: There are circumstances where a member may wish to remove themselves from one group to join another. Providing the chair agrees to accept your application to switch then the change over can commence. We will charge the member a new joining fee and no refund will be offered from the existing leaving group. 
37. Duties and roles as officers of Enigma. 
38. Chair: A key role in running an Enigma group effectively and successfully– the job is to motivate and energise the members at meetings, to update the members on any central and local initiatives and is responsible for ensure the meetings run smoothly and in a timely manner. Local decisions are made by the chair. E.g. Cancellations of meetings post bank holiday, 8 or 6 minute spotlight sessions, specific visitor day events. This individual has been selected because of their ability as a leader – strong personality, ability and attention to detail. This is an honour which will gain a great deal of respect from the group members. 
39. The chair will update the register each meeting in respect of members, expected visitors, subs for the day and known absentees however this roll may be delegated. The chair will ensure he/she introduces him/herself to all visitors on the day and ensure that visitors are always followed up post visits. 
40. Whilst the chair is rotated each week, the actual chair of the group should ensure that he/she chairs their group at least every 3-4 weeks. 
41. Generally the chair is very active in reporting performance and expectations to the members of the group on a regular basis. The Chair will be invited to bi-monthly management meetings with one other member from the management team of the group. The chair will identify inactive members of the group, those not contributing to the benefit of that member themself and/or the group and offer/organise assistance, which could be personal help or business help as it is important that all members achieve some success from attending the group. E.g The member may be offered another spotlight session. The chair is active in all social and training events where possible. 
42. The chair should undertake a six month review (Closed meeting) to discuss the performance of their Enigma group – this should include a detailed performance of each member’s activity for that half year – this should include; attendance record, revenue calls, invoiced business, visitors brought to the group, etc. This should be offered to each member as a report and discussed. 
43. Finance: this person deals with all money issues – any visitor who is not a sub will need to pay £15.00 for the privilege of attending the meeting (or £10.00 with a voucher). The Finance manager will bank monies into the central Enigma bank account or hand all payments to group personnel for deposit. 
44. At the start of each month/quarter the finance manager will conduct a revenue call from all members – these figures are added to the existing and declared figures given for preceding months/quarters. They should prepare a list each month/quarter of an accumulative record of members earnings from Enigma to be used by the Chair on the qtr/six month review. A seat value is offered which is the sum total divided by the number of members. 
45. The finance manager may also request that each member provides details of from whom the member has rec’d their revenue. This could be current member, ex-member, member of another Enigma group or visitor. This is not mandatory and will be decided upon by the management team of each group but it does allow the chair to identify active members working hard for the members of the group 
46. Manages hotel/venue numbers for breakfast etc. and will be the contact for the Hotel/venue staff in any concerns regarding quality of breakfast, outstanding invoices, etc. 46. They will be acting chair of the group meetings every three or four weeks. 
47. Membership: The membership manager is responsible for all issues relating to memberships – new applications are reviewed and responded to within 10 days. Any potential business crossovers/clashes will be discussed prior to the visit. The MM will read out the joining procedures each week with energy and passion to encourage visitors to join. They will help answer any questions with regards to membership, identify any conflicts of business activity and will discuss with each party as to how this may be resolved satisfactorily for all. They will keep a record of attendance each week of members who are not present (regardless of Subs) to be used by the Chair on the quarter/six month review. They will be acting chair of the group every three or four weeks. 
48. Mentor Central: the job here of the group mentor is to assist any new member’s in the philosophy and operational mode of Enigma. Contact should be made within 7 days of an application being accepted and a member allocated to offer this support. These meetings must be arranged quickly by a member – the member will access and offer support which may be just one session to an experienced networker to six sessions to a novice. It is important that this new member gains the attention of the group quickly so it’s vital that Mentor Central acts quickly. 
49. Time keeper: During the meetings we have an individual responsible to manage time during Uin40 – Spotlight and Pre-spotlight sessions. They will use a form of visual or audible signs to advise when time has expired – should the individual continue after the warning a charge of £1.00 may be applied – this can go to the group’s local charity at the end of the year. The timing of the Uin40 sessions should be a little relaxed for any visitors. 
50. Rota Manager: This is an admin position to organise a list of activities such as who might be offering a spotlight session or a Pre-spotlight, who is offering the network tip of the day and the heading, also the chair of the day unless this is organised in advance. The list should give four weeks notice to all. The Rota Manager should hold a master list allowing each member to participate once or twice a year only. From time to time the chair will advise an accelerated slot to assist a struggling members. The Rota manager may introduce the pre -spotlight and spotlight members at the weekly meetings 
51. Points Captain: The role is to maintain a spreadsheet of allocated points for bringing unique visitors to the group for which the member will gain 20 points.– Should that visitor join within the first three month period of their initial visit then the introducing member will gain a further 60 points. It is a benefit that the names of the visitor be listed with the member involved. From time to time a list will be offered to members. 
52. Points may be exchanged for prizes and then deducted from the master point schedule. A new and simpler range of gifts will be available (By end September 2016) simply fill in the form and give to your points captain and your gift will be allocated and delivered. Make a record of all visitors details each week and the member responsible this will be used by the Chair on the quarterly/six monthly review. 
53. Some points achievements, such as achieving their first 500 points, will result in a gift presentation to performing member by the Chair. This is a one off award. Should a member achieves 600 points in a year then that member’s Christmas party ticket cost will be paid for by Enigma for that year. This is an annual recognition award. 
54. Social & Training. This role will ensure that each local group sets up regular social activities and localised training support. They should ask their members what would be of interest. These are arranged for members of the group. It is very important for Enigma groups to encourage and take part in these social activities as the interaction is a great means to build M2M relationships and ultimately generate more business. When an activity or training event is of interest to several groups then it becomes a group activity and will be organized and managed for the group by a HQ Enigma Management Team and the event will be subsidised with a contribution from HQ Enigma funds e.g. Charity Golf Day, Christmas party, etc. A new email link has been set up for the officers in each group to communicate together for ideas etc. 
55. Birthdays: Enigma is all about having fun whilst you network and generate business. To this end we like to celebrate member’s birthdays in the group so we have a birthday or “Special Day” monitor to manage this. They will have a list of members birthdays and generally notify the individual the week prior to the meeting to say we know its your birthday prior to our meeting so it’s a reminder for you to bring some cakes you have made, or purchased or even a box of sweets or even some fruit etc for the group if they wish. The Special day birthday monitor will arrange a suitable birthday card which will be signed by all the members prior to handing it to the chair of the day to announce! 
56. Room Preparation: A member may be asked to look after this activity however all members should be responsible for this activity. Usually the first to arrive will put out pens, pads etc. and at the close of our meeting collect everything back in. 
57. Business exit plan: From time to time you may need to relax from the duties in Enigma however you would like to remain in the group. You should talk with your Chair and advise a suitable exit time – they will nominate another member to take on the role. Should one of the management have a similar issue we would ask for one months notice please. The finance and membership roles can be selected by the Chair. Once selected the Chair can advise the HQ of the changes. Should the Chair decide to step down the notice period should be given immediately to HQ in order to establish and discuss a successor. 
58. Member exit: Of course from time to time members will decide to leave our group – this is often a sad moment as we lose one of our friends but we appreciate that circumstances change in everyone’s life. It would be nice if your Chair was given a little notice rather than the shock on the day and we would ask that you contact the Chair by phone/email in advance of leaving the group. 
59. New groups: You may have ideas on new groups in other geographical areas – our aim is not to cause conflict/overlap with current groups, however as we grow there is a need for Enigma to facilitate networking in areas e.g. Luton/Dunstable and Aylesbury. 
60. Enigma is a local networking forum for energetic business people/owners. Setting up a new group takes a lot of work and ongoing support for six months. What will be required is a strong leadership and venue options – should you feel you have the chemistry or know someone interested you should discuss with James Lodge. 
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