Group Chair James Lodge ( 
Beds Tues Chair James Dean 07798 894948 
MK Weds Chair Trevor McCarthy-White 07753 742623 
MK Fri Chair Yvonne Taylor 07931 585926 
NN Thur Chair Mark Rolfe 07973 685134 
NN Weds Chair Julie Kennedy 07942 887185 


Points are awarded for each unique visitor you bring or introduce to other groups. You are allocated 20 points for a first visit and a bonus 60 points if they join within 12 weeks. 
Your points champion will have a record of your allocated points. Should you feel your allocation is incorrect you should contact your points champion without delay. 
1. Select the item from the available listing below ensuring you have sufficient points to redeem. 
2. Contact your points champion and ask for the exchange of points against your selected item (s). 
3. Points champion will notify James Lodge. 
4. Items will be paid for by Enigma and passed to member. 
Only current members are able to accept these gifts. The points are non refundable and non transferable. 
If you are no longer a member of Enigma your points are dissolved and have no future monetary value. 
New points system will be updating shortly - watch this space 
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